Music Festival Packing List

In a week my boyfriend and I will be making the drive up to the Dover International Speedway for Firefly Music Festival.  I am PUMPED. This will be my second year attending this festival, and last year was life-changing. As I pack up for the second time in my life to camp in a huge muddy field for 5 days while I listen to headliners singing out the most popular jams of the year, I think of the things I wish I would have had last year and the things I was glad I packed.

Festivals Essentials:

Solar Phone Charger and Backup battery Pack– A solar phone charger is perfect, and constantly charges until the sun is hidden behind the clouds for a day. This is when it is a great idea to have a battery powered pack.

A sleeping pad, Cot, or Air mattress – So many of my friends thought they would be fine sleeping on the ground for a few days. However, they were miserable. The ground is always moist, and after jumping up and down to music and walking all day your body will be much sorer than you expect. A sleeping pad on a cot feels heavenly. An air mattress will feel like the softest pillow on the earth. However, using any of them alone will feel so much better than the ground and will keep you dry.

Wet Wipes and Baby Powder-  Unless you want to pay 80 bucks to wait in a shorter line for a shower trailer or wait hours in a line to pay 10 dollars to rinse off with a hose I recommended bringing wet wipes and baby powder. Most of the time many people do not shower daily at music festivals, but still get extremely dusty, muddy, and sweaty.  This leads to chaffing, and dirt being tracked in the tent.  To stay feeling fresh wet wipes and baby powder are a must have.

Hydration Backpack–  Security allows each festival goer to bring one sealed plastic water bottle into the festival grounds. Meaning that to stay hydrated all day and night you have to trek to one of the many water stations to fill up a water bottle or if you’re lucky a hydration backpack. Hydration backpacks are so convenient because they can hold a large amount of water, feel light on your back, and require fewer trips to stand in a long line to fill up a small water bottle.

Sun Protection- Sun protection is essential! It is super hot and sunny standing out in a field all day jamming out to the various artist. Sunburn is the last thing anyone would want to worry about and deal with while enjoying a festival.  Plus skin cancer and wrinkles are not kind to the body.

A blanket or old towel-  After the first day at a festival everyone is still pumped, but also tired. An old blanket or towel to lounge around on while listening to fantastic music is relaxing while sitting on the scratchy grass or the muddy ground is not.

A few more items:

  • Bath Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Phone Charger
  • Water bottle to keep in the tent
  • Chairs
  • Festival Outfits!


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