Healthy and Affordable

A huge issue society faces today is obesity and food insecurity. These two factors might seem to be polar opposite at first glance, but nothing is farther from that thought.

Food insecurity is a major issue across America. A lack of access to affordable and healthy food is the defintion of food insecurity. When people do not have a way to get to a grocery store that sells healthy affordable food, they are left with few options. What becomes available to people that do not have access to grocery stores and markets, is processed food found at the convenient store on the corner.

In addition to food unsecurity, A frustrating issue people face in the grocery store is deciding between less perishable foods and fresh foods. The catch is that fresh foods are not the only healthy foods.

Frozen vegetables carry the same amount of nutrients if not more nutrients than fresh foods due to the fact that frozen foods are not exposed to heat, air, and water, which strip fresh foods of nutrients. While many people may prefer fresh foods for taste or because they are believed to be the healthiest, they are a lot more expensive than frozen vegetables and fruits and not much more nutritious. An additional advantage of frozen foods is that they are much less perishable than fresh foods and can last in the freezer for extremely long periods of time.  Consuming more fruits and vegetables is better for human health overall.

Canned fruits and vegetables are a more nutritious option, than not consuming fruits and vegetable at all.  A factor to consider with consuming canned fruits and vegetables is the amount of added sugar and salt during processing. It is wise and better for health to avoid canned fruits and vegetables with large amounts of added sugar and salt.

A key to being healthy is getting variety in the diet and spending 30 minutes every other say at a minimum walking or partaking in any form of exercise.

When overwhelmed with price remember that fresh fruits and vegetables are not the only options.

Good Luck and Happy Eating!


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